Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department Inc.
21109 Coeur d'Alene River Road
Wallace, Idaho 83873

(208) 682-3952
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About Us:

The Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department serves the
communities of Prichard, Murray, Eagle, Copper Camp, Shoshone
Camp and Delta in northern Shoshone County as well as large areas
of National Forest. We provide fire, rescue and intermediate life
support ambulance service to about 300 square miles and 250-300
full time residents. This number swells with tourists, hunters and
snowmobile / ATV riders each year. At peak times of the year we
have several thousand people recreating in our response area. We
are not tax funded and provide for our operating expenses through
ambulance fees, fundraisers, and donations.

Our Mission:

The commitment of the Prichard-Murray Volunteer Fire Department
is to enhance and maintain public safety and the quality of life for
property owners, part-time residents and visitors in our community of
Prichard-Murray and the surrounding areas. We help people by
preventing or minimizing injury and the loss of life and/or property
from fire or other emergencies. At the same time, this department
strives to improve the quality of life through prevention programs,
education and acting as a community center.