Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

Prichard Firehall
Engine 511
750 Gallon Tank
1500 GPM Pump
Used for fire, medical and rescue calls.
Tender 521
3500 Gallon Tank
460 CFM Vacuum Tender
Used for fire calls.
Rescue 531
Carries the "Jaws of Life"
Used for medical and rescue calls
Brush 541
750 Gallon Tank
100 GPM Pump
Used for fire calls.
Prichard Firehall is
located across from H&H
Market at 21109 Coeur
d'Alene River Road. It
houses Engine 511,
Tender 521, Rescue 531,
Ambulance 581 and
Brush 541. There are 9
volunteers that respond
from this station
including 5 EMT-Basics.
Ambulance 581
Used for medical and rescue calls.
This unit was purchased to add to our
ambulance capabilities and will soon
be replaced by a new ambulace
awarded by the Idaho State EMS
Dedicated Funds Grant.