Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

Our Agency Needs You!

Regardless of your age or physical condition we can use your help.
We not only need emergency responders but we also need assistance with
general support functions. In one capacity or another we can use you and
your skills.

Emergency Operations

The Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department accepts applications on a
continuous basis for emergency service volunteers. We need both
firefighters and emergency medical personnel. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE
OR WORK HERE you can be an emergency responder. No experience or
training required, just fill out an application and complete a pre-volunteer
screening, we provide the rest. Simply fill out our application and mail it to
us or call (208) 682-3952.
To apply as an emergency responder click the picture above.
Support Division

Our Support Division is responsible for all sorts of
non-emergency tasks. These include fundraising, construction,
maintenance (building and vehicle), secretarial and on scene
support (such as food and drinks). Just fill out an interest card
and mail it to us or call (208) 682-3952.
To help us with support activities click the picture above.
ANYONE 16 or older can apply as an emergency responder.